Artwork Requirements

Vector Art

Best to send us! Common files extensions for this type of file include .ai and .eps
• When providing such files, it is important to convert fonts to curves or create outlines for all text used. For a vector art file (i.e. Adobe Illustrator file) with no placed images resolution is not a concern.

Photo Realistic Art (Raster Art)

• Photographic Art (or photo realistic design) is art that incorporates scanned in imagery or art that is built in a pixel based program such as Photoshop. Common file extensions for such files are .psd, .tif, .jpg, .gif, .png
• In order to reproduce a photographic image, we require a file with a resolution of 300 dots (pixels) per inch at actual size or the actual photo/artwork.
• Leave the artwork in Photoshop format.
• Keep Layers (do not merge). First layer should represent color of garment.
• Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors are best when communicating color choices.

Formats NOT Accepted

• .GIF
• CorelDraw®
• PageMaker®
• Quark®
• Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint® or Publisher®
• Theses files are office applications not graphic applications and are not graphics compatible.

Color Separations

• Because all art varies, separation quotes are based on complexity of art and per piece.

Proofing Artwork

• We will send an Art Concept and/or a Print Matrix via email for you to review/approve. If the final image is critical, a press proof can be arranged. One of the above proof types is needed before production can begin!

• Reserves the right to apply an art charge for excessive revisions. We specializes in custom graphic design for our customers, your artwork belongs to your order. We will not allow others to print or reproduce your designs without your permission. All custom artwork created by is the property of unless rights are signed and provided.
• requires a deposit to begin work on your artwork. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE but is applied toward the balance of your final order.
• "Camera Ready" art is now a misnomer since supplied "Camera Ready" art will be scanned into computer rather than shot with a stat camera. "Camera Ready" art is clean and on uncreased white paper or card. Lined paper is not considered "camera ready" art. There is no clean-up done on any artwork without art charges.